Monday, June 25, 2007

The 60s/70s Party at Luke and Colm's

I hadn't planned to go to the party. Not worth the effort of dressing up, I thought. It was Simon and Michelle who changed my mind. "You'd have such fun taking photos of everyone," they said. They were right. They also said that Ruth would be wearing a blonde afro. That, I thought, would be worth seeing. Since I made up my mind to go only moments before leaving the house, I was not elaborately dressed. A chap (me) in a black shirt, red trousers which stop above the ankle, and a red tie standing in a doorway. Odd for me to be the least weirdly dressed person at a gathering. Two oddly dressed people on a sofa. I told Colm he looked like Jack Sparrow. Is that a compliment? A guy with glasses and very long hair. And there were more: Two lads. A bunch of girls, including Ruth in her blonde afro. Best dressed lady: And, after many attempts, I managed to get a photo of this lady.
A small crowd dancing

At one point, most of 'em went for a walk around the estate. I didn't.
There really was a lot of wig-swapping going on.
They even got me with one. And there are no prizes for guessing who came as Elvis. His dancing, though, was unusually restrained.
Dancing Elvis
And I wasn't the only one taking photos.
A Photo Shoot
Hey! Someone else wore shorts. That means I could've done. Bah! But at least I stayed in bare feet. Most of the time, at least. We shall title this picture, Sarah takes evasive action. Well, we all had fun. I left early, and walked home, still in bare feet.